Friday, August 3, 2012

Meet Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross, a committee member for WLI took the time to answer a few questions to help us get to know here a little better. Outside of WLI, Stephanie works as a member of Fogle Keller Purdy PLLC.

1. In the insurance field, what are you about? 
The single issue that most inflames my passion is the unnecessary prescription of addictive medications by irresponsible healthcare providers.  Obviously, this issue goes far beyond cost control.  This practice destroys individual lives and families, and has a negative impact on society as a whole.  I would like to see more effective regulation of prescription drug practices, including revocation of medical licenses for such providers.  Why is it that selling marijuana on a street corner can land someone in jail but prescribing Fentanyl patches to a patient with a low back strain is legal?  

2. What motivates you? 
Fraudulent claims. 

3. How did you get your start in the insurance industry? 
I was hired fresh out of law school and worked as a legal secretary while studying for the bar.  Ferreri & Fogle was a “boutique” firm specializing in the defense of workers’ compensation claims.  I started practicing just as the 1996 amendments were passed, drastically overhauling workers’ compensation in the state, and leading to the mass exodus of many practitioners from the field.  I’ve been lucky enough to make a career out of defending workers’ compensation claims, and now manage the Northern Kentucky office of the successor to that first firm, Fogle Keller Purdy PLLC.

4. What is your biggest regret? 
Not learning a foreign language when I had the opportunity.

5. What is your biggest success? 
Establishing the Northern Kentucky office of Fogle Keller Purdy PLLC has been the biggest success of my legal career.  My biggest “win” was the McDowell v. Jackson Energy case, in which the Supreme Court declared constitutional the statutory provision for termination of benefits upon reaching the age of Social Security retirement.

6. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?  
Don’t write something in an e-mail you would be embarrassed to see published in a newspaper.

7. Where do you hope to see WLI in 5 years?  
I am optimistic WLI will become a vital organization that facilitates networking and the exchange of ideas among women in the insurance industry.  WLI will be “the” source of reliable information about insurance news and trends, and provide a platform for leaders to share and galvanize support for innovative ideas to grow and strengthen the industry.  I hope the women who participate in the annual conference will seek out opportunities to connect throughout the year, spawning an online forum where members can post relevant content, ask and answer questions, and develop a shared fund of knowledge. 

8. Who was your idol growing up? 
Wonder Woman, of course. 

10. A quick bio about yourself, including an interesting fact.  
When I’m not sitting at my desk, I enjoy being outdoors and on the move.  I don’t have a television, and spend my evenings and weekends adventure racing, orienteering, gardening, and tending to chickens and cats.  I’ve been a vegetarian for about 10 years, and believe this is one of the biggest environmental impacts an individual can make.  I sometimes bike to work, not nearly as often as I should.  I wasn’t always so healthy, however.  In 2005, I was featured in People magazine’s first “Half their Size” issue, which highlighted my 80-pound weight loss and transformation from “couch potato” to “weekend warrior.”


Thank you Stephanie Ross, for taking the time to let us get to know you a little better!

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